Dear Friends,

The success of The Homestretch last year was nothing short of incredible. Partnering with local organizations, we presented the film at over 150 screenings and events all across the country building empathy, encouraging dialogue and spurring local calls-to-action around homeless youth. We showed the film at housing conferences and high schools, community centers and conference rooms, and played to sold-out audiences at film festivals and independent theaters in dozens of cities.

We were spurred on with funding and support for our impact campaign fromThe Bertha Foundation and the Fledging Fund, and great accolades such as Bill Moyers listing us as one of the top 10 Social Justice Documentary Films of 2014.  We couldn’t accomplish any of this  without friends like you!   

What’s Next:

2015 promises to be an even more exciting year for our campaign, with our national public television broadcast and some incredible new opportunities for you to watch and share The Homestretch with your community.