Why is Stand-Up For Kids Chicago Important To Me?

In my life I have seen so much pain, so much suffering. I have experienced most of what I saw. My chosen name is Pixi Wolfe and this is my story and why I appreciate Stand Up.
To tell all I have been through is a hard thing to do for me. I don’t want anyone to pity me. I don’t want anyone to look at me differently. When I started coming to Stand-Up, which we all call, “Purple People” because of the shirts, I met a wonderful man, Brian. There is something about him that gives comfort that is hard to find. As if I can tell him anything without being judged or looked down upon. In my life that’s rare.

So back to my story and why I cannot trust. Growing up I did not know my father and did not meet him until I was 19years old. My mother did her best but even the best cannot be enough. When I was 3 years old, I was raped. Four men made my friend and I do things that no child should witness, let alone do. My mother didn’t believe me when I told her. At the time my friend’s mom was babysitting us and we went to the park across the street, that’s when it happened.

Growing up my mom moved me around a lot. To This day, I still don’t know why. When I was 7 we moved to Gary, IN where she met this guy and got knocked up. Like any child, I was excited for a new baby. But also jealous…common amongst new siblings, I guess. But once my sister was born, my mother changed. I know I didn’t make it easy, single mom of 2, under 30years old and finding out I have a brain like both mom & dad. Bipolar, manic depressive, ADHD, & borderline personality. My mom kinda snapped. I was her stress release. But I took it so my sister wouldn’t have to. As most families with a single parent, we were poor, so naturally I was picked on. I would get jumped everyday by the same 5 kids then go home to my mother who did the same. She wasn’t all bad. She did her best to raise us. My sister never knew of this, luckily she was too young to remember.

When I was 13, I ran away. I remember sleeping under the viaduct one night when this lady saw me. She took me in without question. That’s where I met Brandon. We instantly clicked. He became my best friend. Then my brother when they placed me in the same foster home. But then I went home to my mom because I knew I had to. When I as apart from him, it was terrible. From missing him, to the abuse I went through. He was the only one I trusted. When I was 18 my mom stabbed me.

That’s when I decided to leave. When I went to Hammond I was able to see Brandon again. Only this time feelings began to stir. We were homeless but got married in the eyes of our religion. Later I was raped and Brandon went a little crazy. He murdered the guy who raped me. He always protected me. He was never caught for that murder. Brandon was my everything. We got into our first fight and he left to Tennessee. Then 3 days before my birthday, he was shot in the temple and died. Gone. My whole world crashed the day I got that phone call…it was my 20th birthday.

Since then, so many people have taken advantage of me. So many have hurt me. I move around so much, running away from those who hurt me. When I first heard of Stand-Up, I was curious. I admit I did not trust anyone there. But Brian, I felt like, I could talk to. I recently opened up to him, with my story. I have explained a little of what has happened. Stand-Up is one of the very few places someone like myself can feel safe enough to release, and hang out. Telling this much of my past was hard enough, but with Brian’s help reassuring me that I won’t be judged, I have told you part of my past.

I hope this helps others
Pixi Wolfe