Welcome to Stand Up for Kids Chicago

We facilitate opportunities and provide a nurturing environment to encourage
homeless youth to become empowered young adults.

Lakeview Outreach Center:
Mondays & Thursdays

Street Outreach:
Mondays & Thursdays

100 who care photo

Stand Up For Kids Chicago was The 100+ Who Care Chicago Chapter’s quarterly event winner! On June 1 a check for over $6000 was presented to Executive Director, Abbey Cross and board member and volunteer, Fred Knych. 

If there were only 100 homeless kids…

17 would have been sexually abused by a relative

30 would be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender

36 would have been on the streets for 3 years already

40 would come from foster care

42 would get involved in prostitution within 2 days

60 would have attempted suicide

76 would drop out of school

80 would never be reported missing…

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